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Would you like to easily add AI features to your business processes? Then take advantage of the AI Builder to make your applications smarter without any programming knowledge. Simply start with a selection of AI models for your project.

Intelligent working in a new, time-saving dimension

Microsoft AI Builder is a modern, powerful platform for AI applications based on the Azure infrastructure that optimizes business processes and provides valuable insights from your data.

You don’t need any programming skills to exploit the full power of AI. Simply choose from a variety of pre-built or customized AI models and integrate them seamlessly into Power Apps and Power Automate.

You can also easily create and train your own AI models with AI Builder.

  • Predictions with historical data on future sales, customer loyalty or inventory requirements
  • AI model creation
  • AI training
  • AI model templates
  • Seamless integration with Power Apps and Power Automate
  • Optimize business decisions by forecasting, analyzing and evaluating AI for future trends, opportunities and risks
  • Short development time
  • Improve customer experience with personalized offers and recommendations based on customer behavior
  • Increase employee productivity by automating routine tasks
  • Save time and costs through low-code/nocode development
  • Highly scalable
  • Automation of document processing to recognize and extract important text information from forms, invoices and receipts
  • Object recognition in images for products, logos or damage
  • Predefined categories for text order or image classification such as feedback, complaints or product types
  • Sentiment analysis in texts, e.g. in social media
  • Recognition of key elements in texts and classification into predefined categories
  • Model for predicting whether an event will occur based on historical and current data
  • Counting, recognizing and extracting things
  • Recognizing, extracting and counting specific, previously defined elements in a large number of image files

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Synergies and extension potential for AI Builder

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With Power Apps, anyone can create custom mobile enterprise apps for their business processes. No programming knowledge is required. Business information & customer data can be quickly captured, processed and shared.

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Power Automate automates and transforms your business processes into workflows. Routine was yesterday, today Power Automate takes care of this inefficient waste of time, leaving more time for other tasks.

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If you would like to find out more about AI Builder, we look forward to hearing from you to show you personally how you can transform your business processes.

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