Digital mobile sales force
for Dynamics 365 CE

We offer route planning and visit reports for your sales force. With mobile CRM, customer and sales data is always available. A networked field sales force with a tablet can plan appointments and visit tours, take orders on site and have them signed by the customer on the tablet. They then transfer everything to the back office. This is how mobile sales force works today – uncomplicated.

Why you should digitize your mobile sales force now

Benefits of digital mobile sales force

Your mobile sales force visits customers in the field and needs a modern, mobile, cloud-based CRM solution that offers a range of functions to better understand, reach and retain your customers in the long term. Preparations for the next customer appointment are completed quickly and effectively on the move. Visit documentation is entered by the mobile sales force, ideally while relevant details are still present. The route to the next customer is optimized. Inquiries about orders, invoices, deliveries or service orders can be answered directly.

  • 360° view of your customers with relevant data from various sources brought together in a central platform
  • Automate sales processes
  • Generate, qualify, track and close leads more easily
  • Provide improved customer service and increase loyalty through fast and consistent responses to inquiries and complaints
  • Increase collaboration and productivity by combining and using other Microsoft applications such as Microsoft 365, Power Platform, Azure, etc.

Mobile & digitally well prepared on the go

Automation in mobile sales force is initially about route planning. Individual preferences, patterns and habits play a role here. In Dynamics 365 CE (CRM), you use various criteria and segmentations to select those who are due for a customer visit.

  • Sales development
  • Date of the last visit or the last order
  • Number of open offers, the defined visit frequency based on the customer classification or simply the proximity to another customer.
  • Flexible tour duration: manually or automatically distributed by the system over the days of the tour
  • Map view of the tour or customer category for a better overview
  • Integrated notification automation automatically sends visit notifications by e-mail or generates a telephone activity
  • Record visits in your awisto Dynamics 365 app on tablet directly, during or after the visit
  • No rework
  • Current progress at a glance: for easy rescheduling or planning of further appointments
  • Optional extension for route planning and visit reports: mobile order and returns recording
A young woman in a white blouse has a tablet under her arm. She is using the digital mobile sales force with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights.

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