Power BI
Visualization of big data

Use the potential of Power BI to analyse and link large amounts of data from different sources and visualize them in an appealing way. Recognize trends in advance to make better decisions in your business strategy.

Mobile reporting with Power BI: all data at a glance

This end-to-end BI platform can process your data from almost any source and present it in impressive reports and dashboards.

Gain meaningful insights for your business decisions. Digitalization in companies means that the amount of data available is constantly increasing.

With the large amounts of data that CRM, ERP and websites generate today, this can become a challenge.

  • Big data analysis
  • Self-service and enterprise analytics capabilities
  • AI support
  • Extensive integration with Excel
  • Real-time analysis updates
  • Interactive visualizations bring your data to life and quickly provide new insights
  • Design your own reports from ready-made datasets
  • Easy report sharing with colleagues and others
  • Extensive data security and protection mechanisms
  • Mobile data access with Power BI Mobile App

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Junge Frau mit Kaffee und Smartphone in der Hand. Sie ist erstaunt über die Zahlen, die sie sieht. Danke Power BI und mobiler App hat Sie jederzeit alle Daten im Blick.

Services from awisto

Our Power BI experts create impressive reports and KPI dashboards from your company data, which serve as a clear and expressive aid for reporting, especially for managing directors and decision-makers.

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Our Power BI Showcase

Discover the impressive possibilities offered by the Microsoft BI platform with our showcase. Here you can discover the extensive functionalities at your leisure. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you.

This report presents an exemplary visualization of sales data using Microsoft sample data.

  • Impressive data experiences thanks to interactive visuals
  • Discover reusable KPIs from raw data
  • Clear tooltips with user-defined visuals
  • Values visible on an interactive map
  • Any drill-down and drill-up functions such as:
    1. Country / State / City
    2. Product category / product
  • Automatic clustering of data
  • Cumulative values with comparisons to other time periods
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Power BI Licences| Your requirements – our consulting

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