CRM cloud migration
for Dynamics 365 CE

How can your customer data remain flexible and secure? Whether small or large capacity adjustments, seasonal reasons, your CRM benefits from being able to increase or decrease computing power quickly and flexibly.
Benefiting from the advantages of a modern and scalable platform means transferring all customer data from the existing CRM system to the cloud.

Your strong partner for a successful CRM cloud migration

Why you should migrate your CRM system to the cloud now

You may be wondering whether it’s really worth moving your CRM system to the cloud. We clearly think yes! With Dynamics 365 CE in the cloud, you benefit from numerous advantages that will make your company fit for the future and keep you competitive:

  • Agile, flexible system: company data in the cloud can be connected to other companies and their ERP systems worldwide
  • Higher performance and availability thanks to the scalability of cloud resources as required
  • Mobile retrieval and editing of data and information from your Dynamics 365 CE worldwide
  • Set-up of multilingual, individual tenants per country possible
  • Reduce your IT complexity and costs: save on time-consuming in-house server maintenance and operation
  • Backup and encryption of data in the cloud, GDPR/DSGVO compliance through background workflows for data protection-compliant storage of new data
  • Better integration with other cloud services and applications such as Microsoft 365, Power Platform, Azure, etc.

CRM cloud migration only with an experienced partner

An online migration is demanding and requires careful planning and professional implementation. That’s why our expertise makes us your ideal partner for this step. We have many years of experience with the migration of Dynamics 365 CE solutions to the cloud and offer you a comprehensive service:

  • Analysis of your existing system, your goals and your business processes
  • Setting up a cloud tenant to which your existing Dynamics solution will be migrated
  • Transfer of your data, customizing and implemented business logic (Javascript/ TypeScript etc.)
  • Migration and implementation of all necessary interfaces to other systems or applications
  • Validation of the functionality of the migrated solution together with you and your key users
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If you are ready to take the step into the cloud and benefit from all the advantages, then contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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