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At awisto, we want to treat nature and our employees responsibly for our children and future generations. We not only want to be economically successful, we also want to make a positive contribution to a future worth living in our day-to-day work. That is why we are guided by ESG criteria and fulfill important environmental, social and governance standards.

Environment Social Governance (ESG) at awisto

awisto as a forward-thinking
IT company

We take care of our employees, our environment and our society. Because at awisto, the focus is on people. We are convinced that only healthy and happy employees can be good employees. That’s why we ensure a pleasant working atmosphere, a balanced diet in the office, flexible working arrangements and a genuine sense of appreciation. We also promote the health of our employees through sustainable mobility, ergonomic work equipment, joint events and sporting activities. All in all, this is our understanding of sustainability.

The picture shows a bee on a flower. It stands as a symbol for Environment Social Governance, or ESG for short, at awisto.

Climate & environmental protection

We are aware of our responsibility for the environment. That is why we focus on e-mobility, energy efficiency, waste avoidance and recycling. We obtain our electricity from renewable sources and only use e-cars as company cars.

We also offer our employees e-bikes or job tickets to reduce CO2 emissions.

We only use returnable glass bottles for our drinks, fresh food for cooking together and avoid disposable packaging.

Supporting commitment

We support social projects. Because we are a proud Cup&Cino customer and drink sustainable, fair trade coffee. The Cup&Cino Foundation helps children in Ethiopia to gain access to clean water and education.

We regularly support children’s Christmas campaigns and other charitable organizations with donations to help people in need.

We are also increasingly using the search engine, which uses its proceeds for the reforestation of our blue planet.

A company with heart

We don’t talk, we act: A family-friendly home office is offered as a matter of principle and work-life balance is not only promised, but actually practiced.

Part-time work, flexitime and paid overtime are firmly established and offer everyone the flexibility they need in their everyday work and family life.

We are awisto – a progressive company with heart and mind. We are aware of our responsibility for the environment and our employees. That is why we are committed to sustainability, fair working conditions and high ethical standards.

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