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for seamless connection of Dynamics 365 CE and ERP

Do you have several systems in your IT landscape and want to make your business processes more efficient and customer-friendly? Then our interfaces to Dynamics 365 CE (CRM) for ERP systems from SAP, Business Central, Datev or others are the perfect connection for you. We therefore offer flexible and powerful interfaces to various ERP systems for seamless integration and bidirectional data exchange.

How you benefit from CRM interfaces

With Dynamics 365 CE interfaces, you benefit from end-to-end digitalization of your business processes, higher data quality and better collaboration between the various systems of several departments. As a result, you connect two systems, save time, costs and resources and increase your competitiveness:

  • No time-consuming, manual entry of paper-based order forms in the internal sales department
  • Orders delivered more quickly
  • Significantly reduced rework for sales representatives
  • Synchronize master data on contacts, companies and products between CRM and ERP in real time
  • Display and edit quotation and order information from the ERP system in CRM
  • Receive and process invoice and shipping notifications from the ERP system in CRM
  • Use customer creditworthiness, availability checks and pricing from the ERP system in CRM
  • Visualize current key figures from the ERP system in CRM dashboards
  • Cost estimates and customer satisfaction through digital service processes such as repair and maintenance

To get the most out of your CRM system, you need interfaces to other business applications such as your ERP system, online store or other software solutions.

  • Strong basis: use of adapter solutions with over 150 different connectors
  • Middleware: Solutions from KingswaySoft, Theobald Software, Microsoft SSIS
  • SAP: Bidirectional synchronization and display of master data, transaction data, quotation and order information and ERP-relevant application processes such as delivery or invoice notifications, customer creditworthiness, provision of current KPIs for the sales force.
  • Microsoft ERP: Business Central and Finance
  • Wertvolles Nischen-Wissen: Connection of CSB, DATEV, Sage, Swing, IBM, DANtouch®
  • Integrate web portals with Power Pages

We advise you on networking Dynamics 365 CE with other special software solutions. The connection can include the following systems:

  • Archive systems
  • Business Intelligence (BI) solutions
  • Data Warehouses (DWH)
  • Document management systems (DMS)
  • Enterprise content management systems such as ELO or SharePoint
  • Niche ERP systems
  • Third party systems
  • Web portals and websites

We were able to create an important interface to the care documentation system for our customers in the care sector. As soon as a resident moves in, all existing data is automatically transferred to DANtouch. The intelligent inquiry management system is available to users in the care facilities at all times. This means that inquiries from potential residents, relatives or doctors about care places can be processed more quickly and easily in fully digital form. All processes are fully digitalized, from the registration of the interested party to the sending of preliminary information and the contract offer. When a resident moves in, all existing data is automatically transferred to the DANtouch care documentation system:

  • Time-consuming, manual contract creation for each individual interested party in Word is finally a thing of the past
  • Modern management of inquiries takes place digitally directly in Dynamics 365 CE
  • This eliminates the need for paper-based and error-prone multiple completion
  • Simplified master data maintenance and avoidance of duplicates
  • Forwarding of inquiries to other institutions at the touch of a button for effective access to all data already entered for further processing of inquiries
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If you want to benefit from more data quality with CRM interfaces, then contact us. Because we look forward to hearing from you.

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