awisto VisitPLUS
for Dynamics 365 CE

Tour planning and visit reports

Plan your field service visits efficiently. Document your visit in the corresponding visit report, preferably on the spot.

Tour planning & visit reports – mobile and up-to-date with awisto VisitPLUS

Would you like to set up your sales force more efficiently and know what has happened with your customers at all times? Support your sales force with VisitPLUS when planning appointments and creating visit reports.

VisitPLUS offers an intuitive user interface that has been specially adapted to the needs of the sales force. This means you can record your data anywhere and at any time, preferably directly at the customer’s premises when everything is still fresh in your mind.

  • Automatic or manual creation of tours according to due date, visit frequency or individual criteria
  • Clear dashboards and list views for tasks, visit reports and visit tours
  • Automatic suggestion list of companies for next visits
  • Creation of new due dates based on the specified visit frequency
  • Automatic notification of visits by e-mail/fax
  • Outlook synchronization for appointments
  • Planning of joint visits with internal colleagues or external partners
  • Creation and assignment of follow-up activities or tasks directly from the visit report
  • Expandability to include functions such as promotions, sales events, workshops or serial appointments
  • Possible integration of Azure Maps for route planning and optimization or map display
  • Simple and mobile recording and management of visit reports in Dynamics 365 via tablet or smartphone
  • Save time with mobile documentation
  • Complete visit report history always at hand
  • Automated visit suggestions based on defined criteria (radius, due date, turnover, industry, etc.)
  • Structured, evaluable visit reports (checkboxes)
  • Extensive evaluation options for visit efficiency

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